A Touch of Class to Your Panjabi and Sherwani

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A Touch of Class to Your Panjabi and Sherwani

Post by admin on Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:59 am

However, what we fail to realise that historically, such additions to these garments were essential and considered aristocratic. Although it is rarely practiced in today's time, when someone's seen wearing them, they definitely stand out as a class apart from the rest.

Let's begin by talking about accessories associated with panjabis. There are panjabis available to which we add buttons made of gold or silver and have pieces of stones attached. These stones are mostly chained together, which adds a touch of panache. Such buttons help the panjabi stand out and make this simple piece of garment (accessories or gems) look stately.

Now, the following neckpiece needs a lot of courage to be worn; a gold chain. Men mostly hesitate to don a gold chain with a panjabi because they claim to look feminine in them. However, if they are matched well with the outfit, they will never fail to look neat. For example, if a gold chain is worn with a peach chicken panjabi, it will complement the finely worked garment and seem like the perfect addition. If you are going to a function and don't want to look too simple or extravagant, the aforementioned outfit will best fit the occasion and lend glamour to the look.

Moving on to a much formal attire, sherwanis will give you more liberty to wear captivating accessories to give the regal look. A pearl neckpiece is a common addition to a sherwani. It is best suggested that the groom wears it rather than the guest because it has a dressier and heavier look and given the fact that it is his big day, it will only be right if we let him have all the attention and bask in compliments alone.

You must be thinking what neckpiece you could wear if the best of the option has been given to the groom only. Worry no more; there are many more aristocratic neckpieces to choose from. One of the most stylish is a brooch attached to a simple gold necklace. Not only will it elicit compliments over you, but it will also enhance your elegance and grace. Probably your look will inspire others to wear them in their upcoming events.

Moreover, you can also wear a brooch on either side of your chest without the gold chain. So, you get a two in one use of a brooch; wear it with or without the chain.

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